At the Foundation, we believe that the opportunity to sport sample is important to the growth of a young individual. Therefore, we bridge the gap between families of disadvantage circumstances and their ability to get involved in their local little league. With that said, creating better coaches to guide these young athletes is just as important. Take a look below as to how we encompass each of these aspects into our mission

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Low-Cost Opportunities of Play

Growing up ballplayers, we know first hand how expensive the cost of entry to baseball and softball are. That is why we are working to eliminate these daunting costs for families all over the WNY and WPA areas. In talking to over 30 local little leagues, the average registration fee costs about $100 per player. That does not include other costs such as equipment, concessions, etc. Therefore, HC Futures Foundation raises money to give disadvantaged families the opportunity to participate in these team sports at little to no cost.


Creating Better Leaders

An analysis done by The Aspen Institute called "State of Play Western New York" outlines numerous issues in youth sports for this specific area. A major concern is that of uneducated parent coaches, particularly in the sports of baseball and softball. Baseball, ranking at number 1, and softball at number 4, are the sports with the highest number of parent coaches with little to no training. It is no fault of these parents, as baseball in particular is in the top three highest enrollment of youth athletes year after year. Our newest initiative, Coach 'Em Up, is geared towards mentoring coaches on how to become a leader of young boys and girls, leaving the sport aspect secondary.


Getting Players Active

Our skill development clinics come at little to no cost for our sponsored players. They are able to join in on the incredible fun of the Hot Corner Athletics Baseball and Softball camps that are normally held over the summer months. For us, we believe getting players active at all times of the year is crucial for their well being. That is why we offer the opportunity for our sponsored athletes to participate in extracurricular training to keep them busy outside of their normal practice and game schedule.